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Jun 07, 2008



I, for one, am glad your back! Have been checking regularly and was wondering where your were!

I also read the travelog and found it pretty fascinating. Haven't been commenting much lately. Can't seem to get my thoughts together. I think I'm ADD or something.
Welcome back!


I liked the travelog, but didnt' have anything to comment. I do hope you start blogging again, because I liked to read it.


i just don't know your niece, tho I read her adventures. But your updates from Italy were hilarious and you totally should have posted them! I kept checking here to see if they were, because I'd definitely have commented!

Carol Ann

Hey Donna -
I also read your niece's escapades, but just didn't comment. I am also hungry for some Italy posts! :-)

Tulip Girl

Are you kidding me??? i have been dying for more!


Yep, me too. Dying for more. Loved the Italy posts, too. You do have a gift for describing things beautifully!

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