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Jun 20, 2008



Isn't it maddening? How heartbreaking for your husband and for you.... his wife, to have to witness the hurt. Wow..... I guess my teen stepdaughter isn't the only selfish, spoiled, ALL ABOUT ME child who totally blew off her father on father's day.

No card. He finally got a call at 6:39 pm from 11 year old stepson. After speaking with him my husband wanted to talk to his daughter but she refused to talk to him unless he apologized for not giving in to her demands about some upcoming travel plans to our house.(taking place as I type) She refused, yelling in the background, that "I'm not talking to him. I'm not wishing him Happy Father's Day!"
The look on my husband's face. The obvious pain. The obvious embarassment with me..... because he is usually defending her behavior to me.
She has made this week hell for him,arguing on the phone night after night, spewing out petty little threats unless she gets her way(she did not get her way), and is set to arrive at our doorstep tomorrow morning. We are spending a few thousand on a vacation that she's hell bent on ruining for everyone, and I'm supposed to be warm and fuzzy to her when she arrives. Gee, I'm just not feeling it. I would love to unleash my own version of UGLY on her, believe me. Perhaps as she eats her meals here she will enjoy the view of the hutch where all of my husband's Father's Day Cards are proudly displayed. Quite the collection from everyone near and dear to him,including his loving stepchildren, minus one from his own.

Good for you for speaking up. Good. For. You!
I think I would donate the gifts.


Oh, Donna - I am so sorry. The worst thing is that their actions steal part of your life - the closeness with your husband.

I know - I hate when my emotions just pour out like Niagara Falls. "Emotions are just energy running through you," I heard in a seminar. You maybe could have powered Thornton for a few minutes, huh? It happens. Sometimes it wakes other people up when all of our stuffed-down-and-controlled reactions have let their behaviors glide effortlessly by. Sometimes they'll behave much better afterward.

God put you there. That both keeps you in it AND releases you from the parts you shouldn't have to carry. You just figure out what He wants from you exactly - and then...DELIVER the gifts so they do not become a daily altar of disappointment, a grating reminder of the shunning.

And if you must-deliver them to ME!!! :)

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