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Jun 15, 2008



The (rude) behaviors of some just never cease to amaze me.

Great gift for your husband. We selected and planted (well....he planted)our first backyard tree for my husband's Father's Day gift. Our home was built a few years ago and to date we had only planted trees in the front.

Someday.....maybe by the time we retire.... we will be full landscaped. ha ha.


This happened to me in Target once. I had happened on one of their total close-outs on some throw rugs. It was when the kids were little and always tracking stuff in, so I bought the whole pile to get me through the year, knowing I could have them at every entry point! They were in my colors, there were 10 of them, and they were only $1.04 each! It was a find.

At the check-out counter, the woman in front of us noticed our stash and the red clearance stickers and proceeded to dig through and picked up half of them saying we didn't need them all and she could use some.

Another time, a couple tried to take a Black-Friday-Special Stereo out of the cart I was pushing! Yes-my hands were on it, but the store had run out and they tried to just pick it up and walk away!! The GALL!

I do believe I have dealt with the same couple you did before!


UNBELIEVABLE!!!! What is wrong with people???


"What is this, Road Warrior?"

You totally crack me up!

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