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Feb 19, 2008



That is an AWESOME post. Good for Spouse-Man for telling her that. Good for you for recognizing the value of his words. I hope, for all of you, that the relationship between Spouse-Man and both girls continues to grow in that way. I hope for The Mother that she realizes that the girls can love them both without it being competitive. There's room for all of them.

Stop living someone else's life. I like it.

Tulip Girl

How wonderful for Spouse-man. I know that he has treasured the last few months with his daughter. I hope that she realizes, very quickly, the wisdom in his words! I am still praying for you all.


Your husband sounds very wise. There are some things we cannot fix, but his patience, his willingness to give it time and then to support her with his words and love - she will carry that in her heart forever. A father's words are powerful, a father's words make or break you. Good for him!

And good for you, too - because you have had to hang on for the ride!

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