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Dec 13, 2007



Isn't that the ugliest part of this whole deal? I've never understood the need for the constant upstaging, and I have no doubt that is exactly what The Mother was after. I'm sorry you won't get to do Christmas nails this year for the stepdaughter.

You can do mine when I come back from the Great White North... :)

I'll be jealously thinking of you while you're soaking your toes-ies.


"Catharsis" great word! And the intertwined "Night Before Christmas" flavor is delicious. I enjoyed this post very much.

Merry Christmas!

PS. Tess and the girls won't let me touch their nails with a ten foot pole after the last time I ruined them.

Tulip Girl

I am with Steph. I would love for you to paint my nails!

I will see you Monday!


Well, we can pretty much assume that The Mother has had it with looking at her daughter's holiday nails, so beautifully hand painted with love by her stepmother. So she took care of that! So sad... that she (The Mother)can't want and accept good things out of that daughter/stepmom relationship.

Too young? Most definately! Glad to know I'm not the only one to think that way. My stepdaughter started wearing those large hoop earrings (Big enough to put her fist through) at age 8, getting her eyebrows waxed at 9, and her hair foiled (highlighted) at 10. That was when she no longer wanted me to french braid her beautiful, long, dark hair because it made her look "too young". She now dresses like a hooker and she is barely 13. Can't wait to see what mom allows by 16.

Merry Christmas, Donna! Ours is going to be peaceful, stress free and happy. My steps and their intervening mother will not be here this Christmas to cause havoc. I'm staying in my jammies all day, alternating between large, frothy mugs of hot chocolate and flavored coffee and then popping the cork on my favorite wine by early afternoon. Maybe I'll even paint some snowflakes on my daughter's nails!

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