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Nov 25, 2007


Tulip Girl

After spending 4 years working for the corporate office of a retailer, which required people at my level to "help" in the stores on Black Friday, I was looking forward to not only having the day off, but not having to go near a store. Then I saw the ad for dishes that I have been visiting at the store on sale from $139.00 for $49.99. This particular store opened at 4:00AM. Was I there? No, I rolled in at 8:15AM and left at 8:40AM with my new dishes! I got the last set! Woo! Hoo!


I am a Black Friday boycotter. I can't stand the crowds, the lines, the insanity. I feel claustrophobic before I even set foot in the first store. In fact, there is no time of year I hate more for shopping than the time between T-day and Christmas.

That said, I can see how Michael's would be a necessity. And Eddie Bauer. I was planning to make a smart-alecy comment about spouseman's pants issues, but I'll just leave it at, "Good thing you bought that guy some new pants!"

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