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Nov 28, 2007



I get the flat cookie thing all the time. See what Rose Levy Beranbaum has to say at this link:

The summary is that you should use lower protein flour and chill the dough before baking. I saw a couple other notes suggesting that you 1. purchase new baking powder; 2. use more shortening than butter because butter spreads more, and; 3. rotate baking pans in between batches so that each pan is thoroughly cooled before you put dough on it.

I'm not a cookie guru, by far, but they sounded like pretty good suggestions to me. I will definitely try them out myself because every cookie I've ever baked in the past gazillion years has been flat!


A break and a fresh start usually helps me.


Oh, and BTW I'll take any flat cookies you might be getting rid of:)

Flat, round, square - they all taste good right before bed.

Tulip Girl

I have no solution, but I am with Scott...please pass the Russian Tea Turds.

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