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Nov 23, 2007



Oh, I so feel your pain about Holidays getting screwy. Going out to dinner on Thanksgiving is sounding better and better to me each year. Here's a story you might get a chuckle out of... although it relates to Christmas. Last Christmas we were "allowed" to have my stepchildren for 2 weeks for Christmas Vac. Because we now live some distance away.... my husband requested that the kids miss their last day of school (half day)before vacation so he could avoid driving delays, etc. The ex agreed..... only if we PROMISED to build a gingerbread house because Stepson's 3rd grade class was doing that at their Christmas party and he was really looking forward to it. Ok, no problem. I took charge, Looking up patterns online, getting all the supplies(Special little candies etc,) baking the gingerbread pieces for the house and so on. IT would be our wonderful Christmas Eve family project. The Ex even called a couple days in advance to make sure we were going to do it. When it came time to make the Gingerbread house.... stepson announces that he doesn't want to do it because he already mom's house the night before dad picked them up! I was seathing!!!!!!!! However, My own children had never made one so I "cheerfully" went on with the project for their sake..... while we had to listen to my non- participating stepchildren make comments throughout about how "we did this and mom did that with ours." In the end I guess "Hers" turned out much more GRAND than ours did, although the one we created was pretty darned awesome. I told my husband that "SHE" will never dictate to us again what we do at our house... for the childen or otherwise. It is always a trap. This year they spend Christmas at their mom's..... and I am soooooo looking forward to interference and no negativity.


I can't much stand the interference and negativity either, although this year all of the kiddos forgot to call The Egg Donor on T-Day, so we had some relative peace.

I like the sounds of Maggiano's, though. What a nice tradition, with both girls and boyfriends in tow. I know it will mean a lot to them that you make your own tradition. Glad it went well.

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