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Sep 11, 2007


Tulip Girl

I missed Scott's sermon Sunday because I was with Son #3 at his baptism class. I think I need to listen to it online. Thanks for this post and being willing to be transparent.


I think life has netted many of us great pain and disappointment. That great pain and great disappointment causes great caution in each step we take for the future. I find myself shying away from relationship often, especially when I am licking recent wounds. But I also find that, the best relationships I have in my life, have been born of trust during those times.

Like now? I'm so grateful that I'm not going it alone. I'm glad I have my hubby and friends like you. God put you in my path, I'm sure. I couldn't possibly make it alone.

carol ann

I had to learn early on that giving up aloneness is hard - because you give up control - but control is really not up to you either - that's God's role - and giving up aloneness means becoming vulnerable - but being vulnerable brings opportunity for new relationships that wouldn't have happened otherwise...ah the journeys I've been on as a result! Transitioning through countries and cultures, people and places, churches and communities, all the while learning the richness of NOT going at it alone. Easy? Not always! Worth it - definitely. Still comfortable to retreat to the great country of ALONE, sure, but overall, having a passport to relationships and new experiences is a great thing to keep up to date!

Wow - that was a lot deeper or wierder than I intended to go! Hope you caught all that!

Love ya, Donna!

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