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Sep 13, 2007



D - I love your sense of humor. It's just what I need today. I am having a good giggle over the trunk failing to close on an over-inflated bag of chips, and the mental picture of you, scrunched into the seat with the laptop on your lap and a couple of carrot sticks wedged in beside the seat! :) I like "Death Rocket," by the way. I think you should absolutely keep the phrase. And you should stop in Middle Tennessee and visit the folks they show on "Feed the Children." The ones with no running water, electricity and plumbing? Yeah, they used to live right in my backyard...


miatas suck... here is how i got there...
any car that i can't fit in to drive cause i can't get my leg under the steering wheel sucks... and i can't on a miata... hence... miatas suck

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