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Aug 08, 2007


Joel Frederick

Sometimes I have the same thing happen. The alternatives are not always fun either.


Very insightful. I loved the post. I'm sure sometimes we are our own worst enemies in the communication field. But other times, I think the people we try to interact with are deficient in communication skills. Your stepdaughter is an example of that. I think she was taught (by whom, I wonder... The Mother!) that if she didn't want to answer, or found something uncomfortable, clamming up was the way to go. She didn't get that healthy dose of "honesty is the best policy, particularly if you temper it with grace."

I think the whole thing is about personal responsiblity, honestly. I think this communication breakdown is a symptom of a larger problem.

But don't beat yourself up. I think you're a darn fine tennis player.


try racketball.. or squash... the ball always comes back

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