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Jul 08, 2007



Sad on the empty-nester thing, although I remain hopeful for you, just as I do in our situation, that both girls will eventually experience a return of their senses and seek out a relationship with their Dad and with you. I know it's tough in the meanwhile, though. Take heart that it is not something you did, or failed to do (or that you smell bad), but rather was a deliberate wedge driven between them by The Mother. It's nigh on impossible to counter that wedge with anything but time and unconditional love when they do come around eventually.

The rest of your adventures sound like great fun! I'm jealous of the concert night. I absolutely LOVE Third Day. Had a good laugh over the socks. I bet it was a hoot! I'm glad to hear that you two are having fun together. :)


Nice update. I am thinking that maybe you can sell off the naming rights to your blog.

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