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Jul 16, 2007



You really think I'd stop being amazed by people like this, what with the Egg Donor craziness, and all. But I don't. I just don't. I never cease to be amazed at most folks' lack of grace and sensibility in situations like these. Back to that whole entitlement thing. Incredible.


I've since learned that a total of 4 coworkers walked by this scene to see my serene smiling face chatting away with motorcycle cops. :^)


Mobster #1, with a very sad face after returning from the doctor says, "I'm dying."

Mobster #2, somewhat more frankly, replies, "We all are. Act accordingly."

In a rush to play the victim role, she happily traded nose for face, not seeing that all along she had a choice.

(did you know that die is also the plural for dice.)

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