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Jun 18, 2007



Oh, Donna, it all sounds so familiar. We used to live less than 10 miles away--not biking or walking distance, but effectively nearby. And similar crap would happen.

And, like your situation, the mother seems fixed on the notion that if love and affection and a relationship with father is permitted, it somehow makes HER relationship with them not as good. It's always a competition...and in the meantime, we have husbands who want to be good dads, getting the crappy end of the stick.

With us, given the emphasis on the financial that has always been a part of the BS, I can't help but speculate that the biggest issue is this:

If the kids enjoy a normal relationship with their dad, they may want to live with us (every therapist the kids went to, and there were several--another story altogether--had told both parents that when they are teens, the kids may wish to live with Dad. A totally normal, and healthy thing that should be considered). If they live with us, her salary is cut. And, since money is the root of her issues, she'll stop at nothing to ensure that the kids remain with her--they are, in fact, her meal ticket. It's very sad.

I'm sorry your husband, and you, have to deal with this--it shouldn't be this way. I so know the pain of watching this happen to the man you love.


Ditto to everything that Peg said. It stinks... so much.

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