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Mar 22, 2007



I am in pain just reading about it... owwwweeeeeee!!! And I'm appalled that no jewels came with the crown. The kids at least get a Super Ball or a sticky hand. I think you should complain to the management. :)

Carol Ann

I can so relate. I'm a terrible dentist-goer. Hate it! I hate the whole accidentally crunching down on the inside of your cheek thing 'cuz you can't feel a blasted thing! One of the first times I met Rob's parents when we were dating...back in the day...I had major dental work done that afternoon and they served soup for dinner...yeah, that was fun. Rob didn't tell me I was drooling down my chin like a baby! I'm sure they wondered why their son was dating such a "special" girl! Hang in there, noodle-eater!

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