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Jan 05, 2007



Agreed. I snopes everything sent by an aunt and father in law because invaribly it's someone outraged about something that isn't true to begin with. Wastes time and energy.


i just delete any emails... that have more than 1 Re: and Fwd: in the subject line...

on a side note.. i hate people that reply with all of the emails and threads of emails that came before it... just forward the relevant info (in this case .. don't forward anything) or quote just the part of the email that you are referencing... and update the subject line if you are going to go off on some tangant...


I get them from guys too.

I’ve noticed that a common theme is one of a famous person’s faith. Either some celebrity has “given their life to Christ” or some famous person comes out of the Christian closet. Every story like this that I’ve checked out contains misinformation.

Why do we feel the need to have famous people validate Christianity? I don’t need celebrity Christians to add credibility to my faith.

By the way did you hear that Saddam Hussein gave his life to Christ right before he was hanged? What appears to be Saddam cursing on the video is actually him praising Jesus. That’s why all the guards were so angry at him. The audio transcripts are being kept secret by Al Jazeera and CBS News. I heard that Dan Rather has something to do with it . . .


Me too...I hate the Subject: Fwd: Fwd: Fwd: emails and typically will just delete without even reading. If I "happen" to choose to send a "Fwd" it has to be absolutely belly-laughing funny or earth shattering news...but anymore, that's a rare thing!


Preach it sister!


Agreed. Honest and Informed make a great outfit, but unfortunatley one that isn't as popular as it should be.

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