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Jan 12, 2007



maybe you could ask the child what she thinks of it. then you can relate what you think about it without passing judgement on her or her mother. there will be a million more things that pop up. the young lady will know where you stand as time goes on and you will have to choose the hills you want to die on. your hope will lay in the fact that you get to share with her your thoughts and feelings, not whether she agrees with them. praying for you.


Hmmm... It is a dilemma. I have found in similar situations (Abercrombie and Fitch clothing, for example) that I just explain why Dad and I don't support that particular thing. Use at Mom's is really up to Mom, but in our home, we don't support it. Mom might have something to say, might make an example of your home, but in the long run I think "the girl" will think more of you for standing on your convictions.

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