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Dec 27, 2006



i need to bring you some of the nooma series by rob bell.. that address the dad/father aspect... one called rain is just outstanding

Dave G.

Being a dad is a crazy responsibility! Everytime I think of my kids looking at me to see what a loving Father should be I cringe because I know my own flaws all too well. "Don't look at me, look at Jesus".


Hey Donna,

I love reading your thoughts - thanks!

Interesting the images we associate with certain words and names. I know of one brute of a guy who usually refers to God as "Dad" or "Daddy".

His reason is primarily because he is drawn to God's tenderness. I really do not have a problem with any "Father" term. I belive that they are all demonstrated in scripture and have a place.

What makes me cringe, is when people refer to God as someone who can be your really good friend!

My issue though, because Jesus was called a friend to sinners.


thanks for sharing. Growing up I had few proper examples of what a father should be and have a hard time when people use the term daddy. for me it relegates God to a mundane and banal existence. Love the way you write


Thanks for the post, Donna. Great perspective that I know many people share. Understanding God as a true Father is a long journey for many of us. I was fortunate to have a father who showed me love and tenderness, but I still have had to understand how to translate that to the relationship I have with my Heavenly Father.

Love ya,


Did you get the Rain video by Rob Bell? I saw that optionalg was going to get it for you. Lean on him to GET IT FOR YOU! It's so amazing!!!!

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