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Dec 25, 2006



Hey John, please let Donna turn up the heat in your house...there is no need to have to wear winter hats in the house! (Donna, want to borrow some firewood? We don't have any, but I'd help you find some somewhere!)

Merry Christmas you guys!

Joel Frederick

One of my favorite chocolate places was one we visited just down the road from Hershey.

I don't know if they have dark chocolate though.

Joel Frederick

Wilbur's on line store is at


mmm... i love dark chocolate

i got some ghiradelli dark chocolate caramel filled squares ... yum

Dave G.

Man, I am stuck here all alone in my house for the next 3 days (Family is in Iowa) with way too much chocolate (Among other delectables). When I eat too much of it, it really messes me up, not to mention puts on the pounds.

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