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Oct 27, 2006


Mandy Bohall

I've said it once and I'll say it again. You trip me out. Very funny, I love your wit and I make it a point to read your blog. Of course, while I wasn't the biggest dork, I was never popular in HS either. :)


I'm not sure what I would have thought about the Valiant back in the day. Today though, I would kill for one. Push button transmission - SWEET! The fins are to die for. It's strange how things change.

I remember in high school walking past a bus stop and going o another bus stop. Why? To avoid the pain of waiting at the close bus stop with one of the popular kids and having to struggle through small talk.

Now I regret not striving to form a friendship with him.

BTW – love the blog. It’s full of character like the Valiant.


Even more fun is the stupid high school reunions where everyone gets sucked back into "high school-ness"! Maybe 10 years from now we'll all be in places where we'll want a bloggers reunion. :-)

And, btw - love your blog and your sense of humor...makes me laugh often. :-)


My first car was a 1965 Chevy Malibu.....Station Wagon! I feel your pain.

I tell everyone that your blog is better than Scott's blog!

To me blogging is all about community, sharing some ideas, avoiding the therapist, being vulnerable, and causing people to contemplate and laugh. I'm pretty sure all of this makes it impossible to be best or worst.

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